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Måned: maj 2016

Income & expenses statement April 2016

The income statement for April is now ready!!

Income April

Salary after tax: EUR 3.105
*Holiday allowance after tax: EUR 2.839
New company payment to pension: EUR 644

Total income: EUR 6.588

*In Denmark all full time employees receive 12,5% of their salary in holiday allowance. It is kind of a forced savings. This is paid out the following year when on vacation. It is possible to have this paid out once a year. That is what I have done this month.

Expenses April

Joint expenses with girlfriend (rent, utilities etc): EUR 671 (down from EUR 800 last month)
Food account: EUR 268
Car mortgage: EUR 170
Car insurance: EUR 95
Insurance: EUR 28
Gas for car: EUR 20
Fitness equipment and physiotherapy fee: EUR 49 (last month)
Coffee, alcohol, food out: EUR 6
Vacation: EUR 422
Clothes: EUR 17
Extra health insurance: EUR 40
Total expences: EUR 1.845.

So total savings rate is: (EUR 6.588 – EUR 1.845) / EUR 6.588 = 80%.

The 80% savings rate is mostly because of the extra pay. But without this my monthly savings rate was 50,8%, which is over my 50% target.

Two things are very interesting here.

  1. Car is now sold! So this will have a massive effect from Juni
  2. I seems like I really spend a lot of money on vacations. From January to April I have spend EUR 1266 on vacation…

Quick note on vacation. Of all the things money can be spend on I have always considered vacation something you should not save money on. However these month statements makes me realize that it could have a large impact on the savings rate.


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Nettoformue – maj 2016

Så har jeg fået opdateret min nettoformue. Det er første detaljeret opdatering, hvor alt tæller med.

Mit mål er at akkumulere en formue på 4 mio inden jeg er 40 år. Det beløb mener jeg er tiltrækkelig til at skabe løbende afkast, så jeg ikke skal “arbejde” længere.

Opdateringen giver en total værdi af aktiver på 1.612.492.

Tabellen opsummerer værdien af de forskellige aktiver:

 Maj 2013Februar 2016Maj 2016
Total160.000 kr1.612.492 kr1.719.750 kr
Pension20.000 kr151.531 kr160.194
Friværdi i privat bolig0 kr667.238 kr667.238 kr
Ejendomsportefølje 1200.000 kr846.500 kr902.549 kr
Ejendomsportefølje 20 kr35.000 kr57.500 kr
Privat-60.000 kr-87.777 kr-67.731

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