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Måned: april 2016

Income & expenses statement March 2016


The income statement for March is a bit delayed. Would like to post this statement in the beginning of each month.

Income March

Salary after tax: EUR 2.558
Newspaper subscription refund: EUR 207
*New company payment to pension: EUR 644

*For simplicity I will add this to monthly income. The money will be taxed when I withdraw (when I am 65 years). Money is automatically invested in a world stoct index. Cheapst index they had.

Expenses March

Joint expenses with girlfriend (rent, utilities etc): EUR 671 (down from EUR 800 last month)
Food account: EUR 268
Car mortgage: EUR 170
Car insurance: EUR 95
Insurance: EUR 146
Gas for car: EUR 20
Fitness membership and personal trainer: EUR 49 (last month)
Coffee, alcohol, food out: EUR 14
Books: EUR 64
Interests: EUR 18
Other items: EUR 1
Vacation: EUR 671
Total expences: EUR 2.147.

So total savings rate is: (EUR 3410 – EUR 2.147) / EUR 3410 = 37%.

So again of the 50% target. This month it was mainly because of vacations and the car.

In total I am now currently EUR 1029 of the target of a 50% savings rate. It is actually very easy, the car has to go. My plan is that I had to be put of for sale before May 1st.

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