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Måned: marts 2016

Income & expenses statement February 2016

I would like to keep a better track of my private spending. A great way is to update every month and evaluate income and especially the expenses.

Actions so far

This is my second update and have already found a lot of thing I could save money on. This is what I have done so far:

  • Cancellation of membership at the fitness centre (EUR 47 every month, 3% of my total expenses). I will instead work out outside or inside if there whether is bad. There are a lot of outdoor spots where you can work where I live.
  • Must admit I spend around EUR 25-35 on my Nespresso machine every month. So I will not buy new capsules for some time…
  • I cancelled our newspaper. We get a Danish version of the Financial Times every week. This will save Eur 17 every month.
  • For music I have used Spotify for some years now. This is cancelled now, so we only have Netflixx at the moment. Spotify costs EUR 13 every month.

I think that is all. While these seem as small items they actually add up to over 3% of my income and over EUR 1.300 a year.

Income Februar

  • Salary after tax: EUR 3.150
  • Payment for car miles (work related): Eur 108

Expenses February

  • Joint expenses with girlfriend (rent, utilities etc): EUR 671 (down from EUR 800 last month)
  • Food account: EUR 268
  • Car mortgage: EUR 170
  • Car insurance: EUR 91
  • Gas for car: EUR 170
  • Fitness membership and personal trainer: EUR 29,4
  • Coffee, alcohol, food out: EUR 19,4
  • Books: EUR 11
  • Clothes: EUR 269
  • Movie: EUR 10,5
  • Gifts: EUR 24
  • Other items: EUR 17

Total expences: EUR 1.652.

So total savings rate is: (EUR 3150 + Eur 108 – EUR 1652) /  EUR 3150 = 49,3%.

Very close this month. However it is easy to see how I will get above the 50%. The car expenses corresponds to 20% of all my expenses.

Also this month I used some money on clothes, however this will keep me going for some time now.



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